Good Boom´s mission is simply to be a project better for the world. Better for all living creatures that inhabit our planet. And better for the actual planet. Environmentally sustainable ingredients that are not only 100% vegan sourced but also organic and fair trade. We pack our products with stuff you normally find in a salad - and everything produced with renewable energy. 

We dont want to compromise on anything. Sustainability goes hand in hand with vegan and innovative solutions. Good Boom is about just that.




the short story

Good Boom is a skin food brand from Malmö, Sweden, with meticulously sourced ingredients for a better world. We call ourselves a food company, we pack our skincare products with stuff you normally find in a vegan, organic and fair trade salad - produced with renewable energy. Bon ap'!

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+46 (0) 40 15 13 42

Sales: marcus@inekogruppen.se

PR/Marketing: emil@inekogruppen.se

Finance: ekonomi@inekogruppen.se

Order/Shipments: order@inekogruppen.se


Good Boom is just as much an art project as it is a skincare brand. Each line in Good Boom is designed by a talented Swedish designer or artist. Chosen for their spectacular portfolios and renowned work all artists in Good Boom brings something differently to the table. They add their own touch and work from free thoughts and ideas. 

The Good Boom trademark is owned and distributed by

Inekogruppen AB

Södra Förstadsgatan 23A

211 43 Malmö