The amazing Swedish artist Tilda Hedengren is the brain, heart and soul behind the looks of Good Boom, lip balms. Every brushstroke is painted by hand.

Tilda is a graphical designer and illsutrator based in Stockholm. She studied at Berghs School of communication.

This is how she describes the design process:


 "I wanted to create a  packaging design aligned with the Good Boom vegan, fairtrade and sustainable products. I hand painted illustrations and patterns and combined them with a simple and minimalistic logo and typography. The result, a colourful lip balm line and a graphic profile ready to continue developing in various ways" 



The very talented Tove Wesén is the maker behind Good Boom, Lip Colors. 

She has been working multiple projects involving both extensive graphical profiles to website design and digital projects. She likes to create from blank canvas with no strings attached.   

She is also the owner of her very own book printing company. 

This is how she describes the process with Good Boom, Lip colors: 

"As a graphic designer and illustrator I sometimes get to compromize with my own style to reach the result that I want. But in other cases, which are fewer, I get free hands to create. 

When that opportunity presets itself  I often like to play with a lot of color, form and movement. 

When I illustrate I like to work with pen and paper and then reconstruct digitally. 

For me, the perfect balance when creating something personal and unique, is to let the illustrations grow on paper and then come to life and develop further in a digital environment. 

The main challenge with Good Boom was to pin everything down to a small printing surface. I chose to use colors and illustrations that communicate the essence in the products, which is the ingredients. I wanted to create a warm and inviting design that reflects the values that Good Boom represents."